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We started The Cluster a few years ago and have seen The Cluster grow rapidly since launch. The Cluster’s entrepreneurial community is diverse with hundreds of companies now using The Cluster’s services and spaces (and turning over more than $100 Million PA as a group). Business people/freelances/entrepreneurs are generally becoming bored of the conventional office setup and are turing to The Cluster for this new way of working.

The Cluster provides businesses and entrepreneurs flexible and professional spaces that are different to the conventional. The Cluster naturally attracts leading entrepreneurs and free-lancers from all industries, who enjoy using our flexible spaces and services (all using GREEN energy). The Cluster’s popularity stems from the proactive, energetic and social environment created by the vast array of entrepreneurs within this innovative community.

The Cluster is located in Melbourne’s CBD. The space is made up of open plan shared areas, private offices and meeting rooms. The Cluster offers other services such as telephony and business support, plus an informative blog for those searching for news and articles on the current business environment. Regular social events are an important part of the services offered as well! Ski trips, winery tours, Friday night drinks, make going to work fabulous!

Entrepreneurs and freelancers find The Cluster perfect for their businesses due to the ease of setup, flexible terms, and great company.If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur looking for somewhere to work from that is more than just an office, then we would love to hear from you!

Kirsten and Chris
Founders and happy entrepreneurs.


Why are we different to serviced offices, co-working spaces and shared offices?


The Cluster is different to Serviced Offices because:

You are not locked away in your own office where you see no one else. Even if you have a private office, you are free to socialise with others in both the open plan spaces and private offices. You are invited to fun events, including skiing, Tough Mudder, winery tours, speed lunches, Friday drinks and much more! Further, you are not charged or overcharged for everything that you use. Everything is included in one price! You know what the costs are when you start. Further, The cluster has serious energy and life, plus super friendly and helpful staff! We also make the office feel like it is all yours as we do not promote The Cluster within the space – it definitely doesn’t feel like a serviced office!


The Cluster is different to Co-Working Spaces because:

We have a diverse mix of people who are already very successful in their business, plus some startups as well (about 80% established to 20% startups). Some co-working spaces focus on just startups which limits the knowledge spectrum of the space. These spaces also attract the perception of being an “incubator” which is not ideal for many businesses. Other co-working spaces are just full of people doing “not very much” and pride themselves of having lots of members (The Cluster strives for quality over quantity). These places have great energy and vibe, but are not always conducive to getting work done, and making your business successful (or more successful). These spaces are not always ideal either for your visiting clients – many have inadequate meeting room space and zero receptionists to greet your clients. The Cluster takes care of this! Plus, these spaces advertise their space within the space – it is all about them and not you. The Cluster does not promote The Cluster brand within our spaces as it’s about your business, not ours.


The Cluster is different to Shared Office Spaces because:

We have receptionists who are friendly and fabulous to greet you and your clients. We have high level IT infrastructure as well as an organised management team. We also have professional and fun events, all organised by our events gal! We also take care of keeping the kitchen stocked, at our cost! The Cluster is so much more professional that most shared offices. You can just come in and get on with your work while looking super good-looking in your clients eyes!


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Green Electricity

The Cluster is proud to use 100% green electricity! Why would you use anything else?

Dark Fiber Internet

It will be hard for you to find anywhere else with fiber internet. Blindingly fast upload and download speeds!

IT Support

If our IT guy can’t fix it for you, he will tell you who can. He can usually fix it though.

Flexible Terms

We don’t believe in trapping people into long spooky contracts. What’s the point? Businesses should be able to move as business needs change.

Casual Events

Our events are always casual, even when they are serious. Regular events include: Speed greeting, what the hell do you do nights, Friday night drinks and guest speaker events. Oh, and the wild Christmas Party!!