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Spaces & Services

The Cluster, based in Melbourne’s CBD, offers both physical and virtual office solutions. We understand that all businesses are very different and need different services. We have evolved and refined our offerings since 2010, based on requests from our clients. We have tailored packages and services to meet everyone’s needs. With or without yoga, flexibility can be easy. The Cluster is super flexible!

The physical space is set over 1000m2 of 1 floor in Melbourne’s CBD.

Permanent Spaces

If you need permanent space where you can keep all of your stuff, we can do it. Find out more »

Casual Spaces + Super Casual

If you are driving your wife/husband/cat/dog or yourself mad by working from home, and need somewhere professional and lively to work from occasionally, we can sort this! Find out more »

Virtual Spaces

If you need a business address, telephony or meeting spaces, we have affordable and good-looking solutions! Find out more »

What do we look like? Check out our gallery »

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Green Electricity

The Cluster is proud to use 100% green electricity! Why would you use anything else?

Dark Fiber Internet

It will be hard for you to find anywhere else with fiber internet. Blindingly fast upload and download speeds!

IT Support

If our IT guy can’t fix it for you, he will tell you who can. He can usually fix it though.

Flexible Terms

We don’t believe in trapping people into long spooky contracts. What’s the point? Businesses should be able to move as business needs change.

Casual Events

Our events are always casual, even when they are serious. Regular events include: Speed greeting, what the hell do you do nights, Friday night drinks and guest speaker events. Oh, and the wild Christmas Party!!