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Virtual Services

CBD Address – $15/Wk +GST

If you need a CBD address to give your business a more professional look, The Cluster can provide this. The address Level 17, 31 Queen Street, Melbourne, can be yours! We are the all about supporting entrepreneurs, therefore we keep the cost of our address package affordable. For only $15/wk+GST, you can use our address on an easy month-by-month contract. This also includes use of our fax number for incoming faxes which are emailed straight to you!

Other services that compliment the Address Package include:

Mail Forwarding – $15/Wk +GST

We forward all standard sized mail, on the day received, to your forwarding address. For only $10/wk+GST, we can ensure you that your mail will always get to you. Extra charges only apply to mail larger than standard A4 envelopes. Easy month-by-month contract, with just one months notice to finish the service.

Mail to Email – $25/Wk+GST

If you want to go “all environmental”, we can open and scan your mail, instead of posting. Many of our international customers choose this option, as we cannot send mail overseas. Others choose it for the convenience of having less paper on their desks.

For only $15/wk+GST, we can get scanning for you! Easy month-by-month contract, with just one months notice to finish the service.

Minimum term for all Virtual Services is 3 Months.

One months security deposit is required for all Cluster services excluding telephony, which requires 2 months deposit.

* Please note: One business trading name per signup/account. Additional trading names get 10% off!


The Cluster can provide you with a dedicated 03 (Vic) or 02 (NSW) business phone number. We can answer your calls for you in your company name, and forward calls to your landline, mobile or voicemail (voicemails are set up for you and all voicemails left by customers are emailed to your nominated email account as a voice file). The main difference between The Cluster and other telephony providers is not only the affordability, but the simple fact that our receptionists are located in our Melbourne office and actually know who you are! Most telephony providers have receptionists who may not even know if you are male or female if you have a name like Jan or Tony. The Cluster receptionists know everything about you and from your clients perspective, it will seem like they work only for you! Sharing resources such as receptionists helps keep costs down! If you are checking out our competitors, make sure you read their fine print! They charge 2x more for call forwarding than we do!

The Cluster does not offer large volume call answering (call center type style), and our telephony service is perfect for businesses who receive around 100 calls per month.

Telephony Prices:

Virtual Members

Line + Number: $8/wk+GST
Line + Number + Receptionist Answering: $25/wk+GST
3 months minimum (+ 2 months security deposit required).

No set up costs.

Transfer costs:
21 cents/min to mobile
12 cents flat to landlines
Voicemail to email – free
Each call over 60 calls/month = $2/call

This also includes use of our fax number for incoming faxes which are emailed straight to you!

All virtual customers receive discounted meeting room, board room and hot desk rates. Click below to get more information!
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Green Electricity

The Cluster is proud to use 100% green electricity! Why would you use anything else?

Dark Fiber Internet

It will be hard for you to find anywhere else with fiber internet. Blindingly fast upload and download speeds!

IT Support

If our IT guy can’t fix it for you, he will tell you who can. He can usually fix it though.

Flexible Terms

We don’t believe in trapping people into long spooky contracts. What’s the point? Businesses should be able to move as business needs change.

Casual Events

Our events are always casual, even when they are serious. Regular events include: Speed greeting, what the hell do you do nights, Friday night drinks and guest speaker events. Oh, and the wild Christmas Party!!