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With a Flexi membership you are free to work from any of the open areas at The Cluster. We provide ergonomic chairs as well as standing desks, plus some of the best views in Melbourne!

​​Just bring your laptop, we’ll provide the super fast Wi-Fi, coffee and snacks in the kitchen. Plus all of our amazing coworking perks. ​ ​


Coworking Desks

Choose only what you need

We’re here to tailor a package that suits the way you work, so if you need to scale up, scale down your membership, no worries!​​​

Seriously Flexible​
Oh and if you are super busy during a month and want to come in, we’ll give you discounted hotdesking rates!

Hot Desking

Coworking Receptionists

Drop in and use a desk

Are you the kind of person that just needs a place to work from as the need arises? The Cluster is still the place for you!

We’re in a great location, so it’s very easy to make this your Melbourne HQ when you’re in the city.​​

The Cluster is a great place to bring clients and impress them with our serviced meeting rooms, or just to pop in and get a day’s work done,.

Super Simple
Flexi Desk Pricing​

We’re for supporting the way that you and your team works, whether it’s coming in 1, 3 or 5 days a week, we’ve got a plan that works for you.​​

Flexi 3

3 days a week or
100 hours/month
$130/week + GST

Flexi 5

5 days per week
$150/week + GST

Hot Desk Price = $50 + GST/ Day

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